Conferences and Workshops

  • Alexander Ferrein, Gerald Steinbauer, Stavros Vassos. Action-Based Imperative Programming with YAGI. In Proceedings of the 8th International Workshop on Cognitive Robotics (CogRob-2012) of the 26th AAAI Conference (AAAI-2012) Conference, Toronto ON, Canada, 2012 (pdf).
  • Alexander Ferrein and Gerald Steinbauer. On the Way to High-Level Programming for Resource-Limited Embedded Systems with Golog. International Conference on Simulation, Modeling, and Programming for Autonomous Robots (SIMPAR). Darmstadt, Germany, Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science Volume 6472, 229-240. 2010 (pdf).
  • Alexander Ferrein, Christopher Maier, Clemens Mühlbacher, Tim Niemueller, Gerald Steinbauer and Stavros Vassos. Controlling Logistics Robots with the Action-based Language YAGI. In Proceedings of  the IROS Workshop on Task Planning for Intelligent Robots in Service and Manufacturing. Hamburg, Germany, 2015 (video).

Master Theses

  •  Christopher Maier. YAGI – An Easy and Light-Weighted Action-Programming Language for Education and Research in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. Faculty for Computer Science and Bio-medical Engineering. Graz University of Technology. 2015 (pdf).